The evolution from ad-serving to omnichannel creative effectiveness.


Ad-servers were initially created to generate a standardized tag for advertisers, providing also a platform to verify impressions and clicks and track performance across all publishers in a single report. The shift of focus on measuring conversions has surged the need for a new wave of ad-serving, encompassing a much broader and more strategic remit.  

The rise of walled gardens and the decline of third-party cookies have led to a reevaluation of traditional ad servers to something much more strategic, relevant, and powerful for the current era: Welcome omnichannel creative activation.  

The future calls for an omnichannel creative activation platform that distributes and targets creative content across all digital channels, acting as the “single source of truth” for marketers’ performance data and enabling them to track every channel, drive performance uplift and streamline their workflow efficiencies. 


The future of the omnichannel ad-server for creative effectiveness

Tailwind welcomes you to the future of omnichannel ad-serving

At Tailwind, we stay true to our mission of “Driving business fast-forward”, providing marketers with the tech stack they need to build meaningful relationships with their customers and generate marketing acceleration, innovation and growth. The power of creative has proved to be the most impactful variable.

Fortifying over a decade of ad-serving experience and service excellence, we have partnered with the global ad-tech leader, Flashtalking, to provide local marketers with the leading independent ad-tech platform for creative personalization and intelligence across all marketing channels. Our goal is to enable marketers to unleash the power of creative in digital advertising and achieve end-to-end creative personalization and effective distribution of their messaging, at scale. 


The ad-serving solution for omnichannel creative effectiveness

Flashtalking leads the transformation of the ad-server to the omnichannel creative engine of the current era. 

It provides automation to enable more effective production, versioning, and distribution of creative across all digital marketing channels, including paid social, CTV, streaming audio, DOOH, the open web, and mobile. It provides creative automation, activation, cookieless measurement, and personalization to help advertisers effectively distribute and target creative content, ensuring that the right message reaches the right consumer, at the right time, with granularity and transparency of data. 


Omnichannel creative Ad-serving platform

Powerful ad-tech solutions

  • Omnichannel ad-serving. The leading independent ad-server, made for advertisers who value control of their data and want to separate media sales from delivery and measurement. It unifies data to connect customers, creative, and media, with the most advanced campaign management tool at its core driving campaign workflow efficiencies across all digital marketing channels. 
  • Creative personalization: Flashtalking’s omnichannel platform with its award-winning, integrated creative tools and Dynamic creative auto-optimization enables advertisers to design and deliver the most relevant message across any screen, format, and device, capture attention and drive better campaign results. It scales creative production, improves message agility, future-proofs personalization campaigns for cookieless environments and improves marketing effectiveness by delivering connecting the right messages to the right consumers. 
  • Digital video: Flashtalking gives advertisers better data and helps them achieve more relevant messaging for video and CTV campaigns. Helps automate video campaign workflows and deliver more personalized videos while optimizing reach, and leverages integrated measurement and reporting tools to improve video campaign efficiency and results. 
  • Social: Flashtalking’s platform provides advertisers with a vertical stack for centralized ad management and optimization across social platforms. Helps to scale creative with efficient creative frameworks that work across messaging, formats, and platforms and increases performance with integrated measurement solutions enabling advertisers to optimize and analyze audiences and creative based on brand data. 


A seamless migration program tailored to your business needs  

We make the ad server transition simple with a comprehensive, phased transition plan and a dedicated Onboarding Team to have your campaign up and running in weeks, not months. 

We mark the beginning of the migration process with a beneficial commercial agreement and begin the migration planning phase where we map your requirements and existing workflows, store existing data for future use, and provide training sessions customized to your team’s needs.  

At the implementation phase, we thoroughly review your previous account set-up and copy it to Flashtalking, introduce new features, implement integrations with key platforms and provide training sessions customized to your team’s needs. All in all, you should expect powered-up performance and fully optimized internal operations.  

With the campaign launch, our dedicated expert team offers continuous support on the platform requirements and campaign’s objectives, to help you drive success at any step of the journey. 

Reach out today and unleash the power of creative in advertising, at scale!