Today’s hybrid consumers engage with brands through nearly 20 different media channels, making it essential for marketers to deliver the right message at the right time, efficiently and cost-effectively. This intricate interaction sets the stage for the modern purchasing journey, where consumers explore options until they reach a decision in their own time, convenience, and preferred medium. In this dynamic landscape, harnessing retail media and advertising at the point of purchase emerges as a strategic opportunity for brands and agencies to capture the attention of potential customers when they are most receptive. 

And how can advertisers win the retail media game? By adopting a marketing automation tool to help optimize retail media campaigns and gain advanced cross-channel insights on customers’ behavior.   

Our partner, Skai™, and its unique omnichannel advertising platform, integrates with more than 60 global retailers, including Amazon, Peta and CitrusAd, and fuels your program with actionable data, holistic measurement and reporting, leading you to put your customer at the heart of your strategy, and eventually dominate the digital shelf.   

How brands and agencies can enhance their retail media campaigns with Skai™ 

Dayparting: Skai’s™ platform offers you the advantage of dayparting, allowing you to gain the most out of your ad-spend by limiting purchase of ad sets during certain times of the day, and enabling you to achieve conversion rate optimization and take advantage of lower-ad costs.  

Search term analysis: Skai’s™ search term analysis provides you with keyword insights and helps you save time and money by bidding on keywords your consumers tend to append to their product searches, or keywords that demonstrate an intent to buy.  

Share Of Voice: When advertising on Amazon, retail media share-of-voice is your powerful ally enabling you to measure your brand’s presence on the digital shelf, based on a very detailed set of metrics. Advertisers choose keywords they want to track and Skai’s™ AI-platform collects data from retail search pages and helps you track and analyze keyword strategy, identify trends to optimize bidding strategy and ROAS, and finally understand the interplay between organic and paid results for your brands or your clients.  

As part of Skai’s™ AI-powered omnichannel marketing platform, its retail media solution empowers brands and agencies to manage and measure digital campaigns that meet consumers when and where they shop. With best-in-class automation and optimization capabilities at its core, Skai’s™ unified platform enables you to manage your retail media, paid search and paid social campaigns, efficiently, all in one place.