The need of marketers to constantly adapt and innovate has been hot now, more than ever.  

Optimization is key to succeed in this dynamic and competitive landscape, leading marketing teams to explore ways that can efficiently drive results and make them overcome constant obstacles. 


Marketers have to respond to multiple challenges  

Today’s marketers have to deal with fluctuations in customer demand and buying behavior that are hard to predict. The consumer’s journey is getting even more dynamic pushing marketers to continuously adapt to it while they are also pressured to prove ROI.  

Marketing leaders have to find new ways to achieve personalization at scale and need actionable data on audience behavior and campaign performance to support data-driven decision making and deliver on results. Critical remains for marketing teams to go beyond channel and platform reporting, and prove agility to connect existing systems for better insights across platforms 

Adopting technology to support in these endeavors can be a powerful ally and drive business growth.  

Not more technology, but the right marketing automation tool to generate efficient workflows, deliver targeted and personalized customer experiences and make you win over your competitors in this ever-evolving digital landscape.  


The top benefits of Marketing Automation 

Increased efficiency 

First and foremost, marketing automation makes your entire teams more efficient. It helps to cut down costs by taking on the manual work and letting the team to work on more strategic projects.  

Marketing automation handles all your data points and interactions with customers at one place, leaving you to allocate your resources efficiently to problem-solving and creative work. 


Effective omnichannel performance

Marketing automation ensures your messaging remains consistent across different audience segments and guarantees seamless campaign execution across multiple channels. 


Accurate reporting

Although you may think that reporting your analytics from all platforms and channels you operate seems like a daunting process, marketing automation makes it easy for you. 

You can have an instant overview of your performance easily as it combines all your data points in one place and provides you with actionable insights quickly. 


Data management

Marketing automation keeps all your data up to date automatically, including internal and external market signals. From engagement to conversions, it gives you the full picture of your campaign efforts and helps you proactively identify pain points and take informed actions. 


Scalable processes

Marketing automation helps you create scalable processes. It removes manual work, streamlines your workflows and leaves you space to better understand consumers’ behavior and build relevant and impactful campaigns. 


Tailwind enables you to fast track your marketing operations with Skai’s™ cutting-edge marketing automation 

At Tailwind we combined our deep expertise and local market knowledge with the world’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising, Skai™, to enable you to work towards your true north. 

With Skai’s™ AI-powered platform you have an advanced tool for optimization, measurement and reporting of your campaigns, allowing you to adopt an omnichannel approach, understand which channels better align with your customers and decide which levers to pull. 


5 capabilities of Skai’s™ AI-powered marketing automation platform to help you optimize your marketing operations across search, social and retail media 

Search term analysis

With Skai’s™ search term analysis, you save both time and money. It shows you underperforming keywords in an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard and helps you make quick decisions, eliminate waste and optimize your search campaigns towards keywords that matter to your audience. 


AI Dayparting 

Skai’s™ AI Dayparting capability brings you hourly insights and daily bid recommendations so you can run ads at the best converting time of the day. 

When managing Amazon campaigns, AI Dayparting enables you to understand peak shopping times, maximize your bidding during that time, and eventually cut on wasted spend. 


Creative insights 

Skai’s™ creative intelligence helps you understand which elements of your ad creative drive better performance by classifying images into millions of predefined categories and proactively notifying you about positive or negative sentiment. 


Advanced automated actions 

Skai’s™ Advanced Automated Actions help you build efficient and effective workflows. With support of no-code logic, it allows you to manage multiple actions at once and achieve your desired outcomes with ease and accuracy.  


Budget navigator

With Skai’s™ Budget navigator you take control of your media spend, gaining the ability to predict the sweet spot between media spend and ROI. You monitor and optimize your campaigns with ease, adjust spend towards your business goals and make informed decisions based on analyses of projected outcomes. 


Tailwind and Skai™ enhance your omnichannel performance with marketing automation 

In this dynamic and competitive digital landscape, marketers need a comprehensive solution to optimize their campaign efforts and efficiently go omnichannel and win.  

Skai’s™ unified platform, enables you to manage your retail media, paid search and paid social campaigns, effectively, all in one place, with best-in-class automation and optimization capabilities at its core.  

Reach out today and let’s transform your business by taking your marketing efforts to new heights.