One of the most crucial factors for a marketer’s success in paid search advertising is effectively managing keywords. But it has not been an easy task. Google, reported to dominate nearly 80% of the non-retail search advertising market in 2023, has regularly modified how match types work and these changes aim to assist marketers in connecting with their audiences through search. These shifts align with the broader trend among major platforms to promote automation, leaving marketers with limited room for optimization. 

However, marketers require advanced insights and optimization of their efforts and operations to effectively engage with consumers throughout their purchasing journey, streamline their workflows and eventually save time and money.  


Tailwind Enables you to Optimize your Marketing Operations through Automation 

At Tailwind, we are dedicated to enabling businesses accelerate their marketing operations by providing consultation and the necessary tools to achieve their business goals.  

In line with this mission, we have leveraged our deep expertise and local market knowledge and partnered with Skai™, the world’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising, to empower you to navigate towards your true north 

Skai’s paid search solution enables you to scale your paid search program and deliver precisely what your audience is seeking. It empowers you to capitalize on every search query with comprehensive insights and unique capabilities, including AI-powered search term analysis.  


Unleash Efficiency and Saving with Search Term Analysis 

Skai search term analysis, part of Skai’s paid search solution, uncovers wasted spending on low-performing keywords and exposes inefficiencies instantly, enabling you to save time and money and redirect your budget to where it matters most.  

It has turned spotting and negating groups of keywords that underperform into a breeze. Skai’s industry leading machine learning algorithm delves into Google’s search term report, analyzes themes and topics to identify low-performing query trends, and presents it in an insightful and user-friendly dashboard alongside matching performance data. This comprehensive view equips you with the context needed to make informed decisions and optimize your keywords effectively. 

With all your data conveniently available on your dashboard, taking action to negate keywords across campaigns and ad groups becomes a one-click process. This not only streamlines your workflows but also leads you to reduce spend. In other words, a task that might have taken you hours can now be accomplished in just minutes. 


Skai’s Search Term Analysis benefits 

Skai’s AI-powered platform is the essential tool for measuring, optimizing and reporting of your campaigns. It puts you back in control by uncovering insights, delivering valuable learnings, and generating performance and program efficiencies that ultimately save you time and money.   

Skai’s search term analysis AI-powered capability is: 

  • Insightful as it helps you easily identify important trends and patterns among poorly performing keywords, highlighting both successful and non-converting keywords that consume wasted spend. 
  • Actionable as it presents insights in an easily understandable format, it indicates potential performance improvements and allows you to cut wasted spending by excluding non-sales-driving keywords. 
  • Impactful as it saves you money, aligns with industry trends, and helps you discover growth opportunities through cross-channel keyword gathering. 

According to Skai clients who have been using search term analysis for their paid search programs, they report experiencing remarkable improvements in campaign performance, saving up to 35% in time and up to 7% in costs. 


Tailwind Empowers you to Transform your Advertising Campaigns with Skai’s Marketing Automation 

Search term analysis is a powerful capability of Skai’s paid search solution which enables you to streamline and simplify keyword management, instantly spot inefficiencies and effectively allocate your budget where it matters most.  

Marketers today need a comprehensive solution to optimize their campaign efforts and efficiently go omnichannel and win over their competitors. Skai’s AI powered platform is equipped with automated solutions which contribute to the optimization and better reporting of your search campaigns, allowing you to reach your most valuable audiences at the moment and place that they are searching. 

Teamed up with our streamlined service layers, consultation and integration capabilities you have now the partner you need to take your campaign efforts to new heights through automated and efficient workflows that increase your ROI. 

Contact us today to transform your campaign operations through marketing automation together!