Campaign Details

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WIND Hellas is one of the largest integrated telecommunications providers in Greece. WIND continuously invests in state-of-the-art technological infrastructure providing holistic solutions for mobile, broadband services & Pay- Tv, with the vision to enrich people lives with all that communication makes it possible.

With numerous campaigns and a heavy investment in Digital Media, WIND chose to capitalize all Sizmek’s capablitites to communicate their unique offers for WIND FIBER- their high speed broadband services- they sought a solution which places creativity at the core and would help them make an impact to their target audience and maximize return on investment on their media budget.

The Solution

  •  Full use of Sizmek’s Ad Suite, for both prospecting and retargeting strategies
  •  Use of Sizmek’s Custom Rich Media formats across major Greek publishers
  •  Differentiated strategy for desktop and mobile

Strategy & Execution

To launch WIND’s Fiber Campaign, we created Immersive Takeovers & Interstitials for desktop users and scroll reveal formats for mobile users, to enhance awareness, encourage engagement and drive traffic to WIND’s website.
At the same time, for high visibility formats, website data were used to retarget consumers that had already seen the offer, with a differentiated message aiming to push them down the funnel and increase conversions.


By working with Tailwind for WIND FIBER Campaign, we managed to optimize and lift off our campaign’s results! Capitalizing on Sizmek’s cutting edge technology and rich media formats capabilities helped deliver on multiple objectives, resulting in a significantly improved performance on our main KPIs including Viewability Rate, CTR & Conversion Rate. We also proved that with custom creative solutions we can efficiently maximize the campaign budget and make the most out of our partnerships with publishers.

Christoforos Bozatzidis
Marketing Communications &
Retail Products Director



The Results

The high impact, Custom Rich Media formats led to an impressive 125% increase in CTR, 23% increase in viewability and a whooping 1,413% clickthrough-rate increase compared to standard formats, achieving higher incremental results than any other WIND campaign we had run so far. With such impressive results WIND took the strategic decision to integrate Sizmek’s Custom Rich Media in all Brand Awareness campaigns and product launches during the year.

All Sizmek’s creative formats are designed to deliver consistently above industry benchmarks for engagement and clickthrough rates, giving more opportunities to be seen and they are the ideal solution for advertisers who looking for unique, tailor-made creatives, adapted to the brand’s voice.