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Efficiently Manage your paid Search Advertising Budget with Marketing Automation

Search advertising has long been a crucial channel for marketers aiming to attract consumers. Efficient budget management is key to [...]

Optimize your Social Advertising Campaigns with the power of Automation

Consumers, across generations, turn to social media to make purchasing decisions. Especially the younger ones which are the most likely [...]

The path to Optimization with Marketing Automation

The need of marketers to constantly adapt and innovate has been hot now, more than ever.   Optimization is key to [...]

Master the strategy of combining Amazon Marketing Cloud with Amazon DSP and Skai’s™ cutting-edge marketing automation

It is widely known that Amazon advertising has become crucial for ecommerce success and retail media marketers have shifted their [...]

The ROI of Marketing Automation in Retail Media campaigns for brands and agencies

Today's hybrid consumers engage with brands through nearly 20 different media channels, making it essential for marketers to deliver the [...]

Boost your Search advertising with marketing automation

Search advertising has become an integral part of digital marketing strategies, with marketers worldwide investing significantly in this channel to [...]

Leverage marketing automation for Social Advertising success

Over the last years, social advertising has grown to be one of the most important channels for marketers to engage [...]

From Good to Great: How marketing automation transforms digital campaign management on Search, Social and Retail Media

In today’s hyperconnected and fast-paced digital landscape, understanding and effectively managing the modern customer journey has become a key challenge [...]

The future of Retail: Explore the untapped potential of retail media

Amazon, Walmart, Target and Tesco have paved the way on a global level, and the number of those retailers taking [...]

TailWind and Skai™  announce regional partnership in Southeastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa and the Nordic regions

The advanced solution for automation, optimization and reporting enables marketers to make the most of their digital ad-spend. Athens, 30th [...]