IAS gives advertisers full control over their digital media investment by providing protection and granular insights at the campaign, partner, placement, domain, and app-level, along with outlining reasons for failures to guide better optimization decisions, across all major digital media channels. Integral Ads platform


We help you identify where, when, and how illegal bots are infiltrating your media plan. We help you block ad fraud threats with precision before the impression is even served so your budget stays protected. 


brand safety and suitabilityBrand Safety & Suitability

We maximize both the impact and cost efficiency of campaigns by controlling the context in which they appear. IAS’ patented cognitive semantic technology uses natural language processing (NLP) to dynamically comprehend the nuances of context. This includes sentiment and emotional analysis. Understanding cultural and language nuances are important differentiators when managing brand safety on a global scale. 



We ensure your ads receive Quality Attention™ so that you reallocate your media dollars toward placements that leave a lasting impression. Even after an ad loads, the environment or consumer interaction can interfere with ad-exposure. Viewability remains the bedrock of media quality assurance. 


targeted audienceTargeting

With new privacy legislation and cookie deprecation, advertisers need solutions for reaching their desired audiences in suitable spaces in the intended Geos. Context Control Targeting delivers precision to maximize impact without relying on third-party cookies.