Work at the forefront of the martech industry alongside top talent and become part of one of the leading companies in EMEA.

Building on our trusted partnerships and delivering innovative technological solutions, we know that great work requires a great spectrum of talents.

Not only do we work hard to create top-class, leading-tech solutions, but as hard to develop each of our team-member to her fullest potential.

The growth of our people fuels our growth and success. Explore our available opportunities to see how we can be great together!

Tailwind Culture

Tailwind consists of 5 core values which reveal the specific behaviors and skills we care about most and we are always eager to work with people who embody them. Do these values resonate with you, or describe people you want to work with?

I+ Valuer: Add value both within and outside the organization supporting colleagues, clients and partners.

Fat cow killer: Continuously optimize to improve process efficiency, bottlenecks and to cut costs.

Rainmaker: Exceed expectations by bringing extraordinary results.

Positive bigfoot: Have a positive impact bringing self-sustainable digital minded happiness to other people.

Always curious: Have the ability to self-educate and self-develop. Ask why things are done and find a better way to do them.


Digital Media Executive
Solution Engineering · Kifisia, Athens or Patras, Greece