Consumers, across generations, turn to social media to make purchasing decisions. Especially the younger ones which are the most likely to pay attention to ads on social media, compared to other channels, and even start their purchasing journey from social media. 

Thus, social advertising has grown to be a major channel for marketers to promote their messaging to consumers and build meaningful relationships with them. It is a crucial part of the modern, dynamic, purchasing journey where consumers engage with a brand in a multitude of channels and at their own convenience and time before deciding to make a purchase.  

Advertisers need advanced campaign optimization and efficient technology tools to achieve peak performance, with marketing automation providing the solution to their challenge. 

Automation provides marketers with the needed efficiency performance and paves the road to optimization of operations, leading marketers to achieve desired results and campaign goals. 


Tailwind enables you to fast track your marketing operations with Skai’s™ cutting-edge marketing automation  

At Tailwind we combined our deep expertise and local market knowledge with the world’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising, Skai™, to enable you to work towards your true north. 

With Skai’s™ algorithms and cutting-edge AI you can predict consumer behavior, stay ahead of the ever-changing consumer journey and get your messaging and targeting right with the platform’s unique capabilities. Robust automation and time-saving workflows within Skai’s™ Paid Social solution do the heavy lifting so you can grow market share. 


Advanced Automated Actions optimize your Workflows 

Automated Actions take off your hand repetitive tasks, reduce errors, save you time and enable you to manage your social advertising campaigns efficiently. 

Leveraging industry-leading technology, Skai’s™ Automated Actions can trigger changes to bids and budgets, send alerts-based performance trends, ROI changes and much more to allow you effectively manage your campaigns. 

And how can you use it for your benefit? 

With Advanced Automated Actions, you can create multi-step processes with clear dependencies between each step, resulting in a more efficient and effective workflow.  

You can customize automated actions according to your specific needs and objectives and maintain all workflow dependencies in one, simple, rule-based decision tree. 


Build your Automated Process and Achieve Efficiency at Scale 

Advanced Automated Actions allow you to specify multiple conditions, define the desired action to be taken, and schedule a time and frequency for the actions to be executed. All to serve your specific objectives and desired outcomes. 

You can trigger a range of actions, including changing the status of a campaign, adjusting bids, or even refreshing creative. You can also define the precise conditions that must be met before the action is executed, ensuring that the automated actions are only performed when necessary. And when the conditions are met, the specified action is executed automatically, optimally, streamlining the campaign management process and improving overall performance and ROI. 


Unlock your Full Potential with Automated Actions 

Skai’s™ platform offers you the capability to group your entities according to your needs and define specific criteria that need to be met to understand which perform better and to assign additional actions to automatically pause the ones that do not meet your criteria. 

With this type of automation, you can uncover patterns and trends regarding your campaigns, identify areas that need improvement and ensure that your campaigns meet their objectives and goals. 

And what’s the best for you? 

When you combine the potential of grouped entities with Advanced Automated Actions you can unlock full automation capabilities that allow you to achieve efficiency at scale. You can identify the entities that perform best for you and capitalize on them by setting automated bid adjustments and automate the entire process to one simple workflow. 


Tailwind enhances campaign efficiency and leads you to optimize your operations with Skai’s™ powerful automation 

In this dynamic and competitive digital landscape, marketers need a comprehensive solution to optimize their campaign efforts and efficiently go omnichannel and win. At Tailwind, we remain loyal to our mission of enabling businesses to fast track their marketing operations and driven by our deep expertise and local market knowledge, we have partnered with the world’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising to provide you with the tools you need to work towards your true north. 

Advanced Automated Actions, part of Skai’s™ paid social solution, makes workflow automation easier than ever, and allows you to take control of your campaigns from major social platforms, understand how performance is achieved and create an automated workflow that suits your needs.  

With Skai’s™ unified platform, you can manage your retail media, paid search and paid social campaigns, effectively, all in one place, with best-in-class automation and optimization capabilities at its core.  

We welcome you to explore how we can help you transform your business and take your marketing efforts to new heights.