Creative is one of the major factors influencing the effectiveness of an ad, and a major concern of marketers is how they could better optimize their creative performance to resonate with their audience and create impactful campaigns. It is reported that 85% of U.S. consumers would more likely trust a brand that has high quality creative ads while studies indicate that creative and effective ads generate four times greater impact in profit than less creative ads. 

How often do you find yourself asking: What audiences do my ads resonate with the most? Are there additional strategies I could be implementing to improve performance? Most importantly, how can you better analyze performance to find new ways that will bring better results efficiently. This task is becoming even more challenging, following the side effects of data depreciation. 


Optimize your creative performance in paid social advertising with marketing automation 

At Tailwind, we work closely with marketers to help them build efficient operations and fuel their strategies with data-driven insights and technology that enable them to scale. To support this mission, we combined our deep expertise and local market knowledge with the world’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising, Skai™, to help you to level up your marketing game and work towards your true north. 

With Skai’s algorithms and cutting-edge AI, you can predict consumer behavior, stay ahead of the ever-changing consumer journey and get your messaging and targeting right with the platform’s robust automation and time-saving workflows. 

Skai’s paid social solution does the heavy lifting for your paid social campaigns, allowing you to optimize one of the key aspects that drive success in paid social advertising: creative assets. Enter Creative AI, a part of Skai’s paid social solution, with which you can identify underperforming ads, assess creative sentiment and quantify top creative themes. 


Creative AI for image ads 

Detect anomalies with the power of automation 

Skai’s creative intelligence, helps you easily identify which creative elements drive performance in your ads. Is it the CTA? Colors? Images or people? With AI powered creative intelligence, you can find out. Creative AI automatically classifies your images into millions of predefined categories and helps you uncover insights that can drive your creative strategy.  

It provides you with data-driven recommendations based upon your performance and includes areas where you can improve in terms of targeting, structure, account issues, and even benchmark trend comparisons within your industry. As it understands more about your account’s performance, it provides you with even smarter recommendations, with a critical one being Ad fatigue. It indicates that your ad is no longer performing well and you should refresh your creative. It also gives you a forecast about your creatives, showing that your ad will underperform soon, so you need to prepare new creatives in advance and proceed to changes. 

Creative AI can also indicate changes that should be adopted based on positive or negative sentiment. Positive sentiment, such as likes, shares or shares that are publicly viewable can drive brand affirmation while negative feedback could hamper performance. Skai’s paid social solution utilizes the creative sentiment insights to track the sentiment your ads are generating and takes automated actions accordingly. It boosts the ads with a positive sentiment and rotates the ads that display negative feedback. 

Perform automated analysis

The tool automatically classifies your creative elements with labels, allowing you to dig deeper and unearth optimization opportunities. In the background, it scans your creative assets, and automatically tags them to help you identify what themes are driving engagement. Image labels point to the most engaging images you use, text analysis shows you which text overlays are more effective and facial detection helps you understand whether you should use images of just your product or people using your product to drive engagement. 


Creative AI for video ads 

It takes all the valuable features of images and applies them to videos. It helps you understand which creative elements drive performance for your video Meta ads by automatically classifying images and videos into categories, allowing you to identify which creative elements, such as people images, bold text or even color combinations, drive performance for your ads and contribute to your positive ROI. You can utilize AI recommendations to understand which labels impact performance and inform accordingly your creative strategy. 

It also equips you with some additional labels which are unique to videos. Firstly, it allows you to analyze performance by the duration of the video, providing a better understanding of how the length of the creative impacts performance. Secondly, it adds an attribute for the label location in the video, which shows you the exact time a particular label or attribute appears within the video and indicates how much performance the creative drives. 


Tailwind transforms your marketing operations through Skai’s AI-powered automation 

Creative AI, a powerful capability of Skai’s paid social solution, empowers you to understand your creative performance, take data driven actions, and enhance operational efficiency while contributing to your growth objectives. No more guesswork when testing new creatives; you can now ensure it resonates with your customers.  


In today’s dynamic digital landscape, success requires a comprehensive solution to optimize your campaign efforts and efficiently expand your omnichannel presence to outperform your competitors. Skai’s platform, combined with our streamlined service layers, consultation, and integration capabilities, provides the powerful solution you need to elevate your campaign efforts in search, social and retail media through automated and efficient workflows, ultimately boosting your ROI. 


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