It is widely known that Amazon advertising has become crucial for ecommerce success and retail media marketers have shifted their dollars there to target consumers at the place and time they shop. Just released, the retail giant’s global ad revenue for the second quarter exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars, a 22% increase from the previous year during the same period.


But as Amazon ads demand grows, so does competition, making it a challenge for marketers to run efficient and high performing Amazon campaigns.


To help advertisers operating on its platform achieve better results, Amazon decided to take the lead and launch Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to provide advertisers with deeper insights to support their decision making for efficient Amazon Ads campaigns. 


Amazon DSP allows you to engage with consumers when they are most likely to shop 


Unlike other DSPs, Amazon DSP focuses only on its own inventory and offers advertisers powerful audience targeting capabilities based on consumers’ behavior insights from its platform.


However, optimization of your campaigns’ performance remains a challenge without proper measurement.  


Amazon Marketing Cloud for advanced insights 


Amazon Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based analytics tool for advertisers empowering them to efficiently analyze data across their Amazon Advertising events and their own data sets, helping them to unlock the incremental value of their campaigns both off and on Amazon. 


It provides advertisers with aggregated data about Amazon user behavior and allows them to integrate their proprietary data to gain a deeper understanding on the customer journey, ad influence and channel effectiveness. Leading to effective budget planning, campaign optimization and incremental performance through holistic attribution support. 


How Tailwind makes it easy for you to work with Amazon Marketing Cloud


Although Amazon Marketing Cloud provides you with top-level insights, accessing these datasets is rather easy. It requires strong SQL knowledge and an API developer to leverage it. 


At Tailwind we got you covered. Driven by our deep expertise and local market knowledge we have partnered with the world’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising, Skai™, to enable you to work towards your true north and build value on top of Amazon native capabilities. 


Skai’s™ retail Retail media solution, integrates with Amazon, among other 60 global retailers, and enables you to optimize your retail media campaigns through full-funnel measurement and actionable data for advanced commerce intelligence.  


Your benefits of using Skai™ with Amazon Marketing Cloud 


Skai’s™ Amazon Marketing Cloud Reporting, part of its retail media solution, allows you to uncover Amazon measurement insights by automatically parsing Amazon’s raw data into easy-to-read visualizations. 


Enables you to gain additional value on top of the tool’s native capabilities with: 

  • SQL Support: Skai handles your queries and alleviates strain on SQL knowledge and resources 
  • Structured Data: Easy-to-read data visualization automated from Amazon Marketing Cloud’s raw data gets you faster from insights to action 
  • Even More Granular Insights: Go beyond the Amazon Marketing Cloud query results and perform subqueries in multiple visualizations and analyze it all in your custom dashboard 
  • Constant Campaign Optimization: Decide where to put your next dollar by identifying the path to conversion and incremental ad value 


Amazon DSP works better with Amazon Marketing Cloud and Skai™ 


Amazon DSP and Amazon Marketing Cloud combined provide you with the scale, reach and insights you need to ensure advanced measurement and efficiency for your campaigns and win over your competitors. Especially when measuring top and middle funnel activations, where Amazon DSP inventory plays a major role in the Amazon media plan.


And when paired with Skai™, it allows you to reach new campaign heights and extract insights on: 

  • Incrementality: Reach, frequency, and total impact across the marketing funnel, beyond Amazon’s last-click attribution. 
  • Media mix analysis: Understand which ad types work better together according to campaign goal and implement the ideal media mix 
  • Customer journey: You gain a more accurate understanding on your customers’ path to purchase  
  • Omni-channel impact. How Amazon media campaigns drive engagement and sales on and off Amazon 


Tailwind helps you maximize your Amazon DSP and Amazon Marketing Cloud synergy with the power of Skai™ 


Skai’s™ platform provides you with the tools you need to optimize your workflows and gain the most on the combination of Amazon DSP and Amazon Marketing cloud, enabling you to uncover the true value of your marketing efforts on Amazon across the entire funnel, from increased brand awareness to conversions. 


Tailwind and Skai™ enhance your retail media campaigns 


Partnered with the world’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising we bring you the powerful tool to help you optimize and efficiently manage your retail media campaigns, at one place. Amazon Marketing Cloud combined with Amazon DSP gives advertisers the advanced insights and cross-channel campaign capabilities they need to drive better results when advertising on Amazon. When paired with Skai’s™ retail media solution, it enables you to uncover insights beyond last-click attribution from incrementality to your customer journey to the optimal media mix per your goal.