Over the last years, social advertising has grown to be one of the most important channels for marketers to engage with their customers.  With more than 4.8 billion people using social media, brands have a huge opportunity to reach their target audiences and deliver their messages. But has it been easy?  

As platforms evolve and user behaviors shift, marketers must navigate a range of challenges to create effective strategies, achieve meaningful results and increase their ROI. Challenges including the dynamic consumer journey, with multiple touchpoints to convert with a brand, along with increasing costs due to vast competition and the end of third party data, leads marketers to reevaluate their strategies and build new efficient working models to better understand their customers’ needs and improve their advertising performance. 

At Tailwind we combined our deep expertise and local market knowledge with the world’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising, Skai™, to enable you to work towards your true north.  


Intelligence for social advertising 

With the platform’s AI capabilities, social marketers gain advanced insights for data-driven decision making, enabling them to better understand creative performance, maximize effectiveness and eventually lead their social advertising performance to reach new heights. 

Creative sentiment 

Skai™ Social’s creative sentiment tags, analyses the reactions and comments an ad has received and proactively notifies you about positive or negative sentiment. 

With five possible tags, marketers can create more effective ads based on previous performance and automate their actions based on positive or negative reaction. 

Ad fatigue 

As social advertising accounts get bigger and it becomes even harder to manually track the health of the large number of ads, Skai™ Social’s ad fatigue tag notifies marketers when it detects potential fatigue occurring with creative and offers one-click action to pause fatiguing ads or boost ads with a strong positive sentiment. 

Ad Set structure 

With Skai’s™ platform, marketers increase their efficiencies by creating and managing fewer Ad sets, while bidding exactly what each audience is truly worth with bid multipliers. 


The challenge: Actionable data 

The biggest challenge modern marketers face is not gathering data but evaluating it and transforming it into actionable insights to drive effective, data-driven decisions. 

In this rapidly evolving marketing landscape, marketers need a comprehensive solution to simplify their campaign efforts and enable them to stay competitive and deliver value to their organizations.  


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