In today’s hyperconnected and fast-paced digital landscape, understanding and effectively managing the modern customer journey has become a key challenge for all marketers.  

As marketers strive to find the right audience, at the right time, with the right message and in the most efficient and cost-effective way, the benefits offered by Google, Meta and Amazon in terms of massive audience reach and native ad-formats, make them an appealing choice. It is no surprise that by 2026, they are expected to account for 82% of the global digital ad revenue. With this staggering amount spent in these major platforms, it is important that marketers understand the marketing impact of their investment. 


Challenges faced by marketers 

While major platform advertising has some significant advantages, it entails also several key challenges. 

  • Data exchange: Although platforms like Meta, Google, Amazon have a wealth of information on what is happening in their ecosystems, marketers have very limited access to it. Additionally, the limitations on consumer data tracking will lead marketers to make good use of their zero and first-party data- and they will need their partners to help them leverage these datasets. 
  • Measurement and complexity across many platforms: Most brands’ conversions consist of numerous ad exposures across platforms, and gaining a holistic view, along with holistic campaign monitoring has been a key challenge for marketers. 
  • Insights aggregation: Marketers who run cross-platform campaigns have found that working with and extracting performance data from each platform separately has been a costly and time-consuming task. 


Marketing automation to the rescue

Marketing automation provides the necessary solution to your key challenges and helps you to: 

  • Streamline workflow and increase efficiencies: Handling all your customers’ interactions and data points, manually, is impossible. Marketing automation replaces manual and repetitive tasks, saves time and can take on tactical work, allowing you to allocate more resources to strategy and creative problem-solving, leading you to better understand your customers and deliver targeted and personalized campaigns at the right time.  
  • See the full picture and take data driven decisions: It combines all your data points in one place and enables reporting, analyzing and monitoring your actions easily. Equips you with actionable insights from multiple data sources, including external and market signals, and helps you to uncover patterns, identify pain points and optimize campaign execution.   
  • Increase scalability: It ensures consistent messaging and seamless campaign execution across multiple channels and different audience segments. Marketers can uncover patterns, identify pain points, and make informed decisions regarding their strategy and increase their ROI.  


At Tailwind we combined our deep expertise and local market knowledge with the world’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising, Skai™, to enable you to work towards your true north.  

With Skai™, marketers have a powerful solution which enables them to navigate this complexity. An omnichannel platform which helps you switch to a cross-channel approach, understand which channels better align with your customers and decide which levers to pull. 


How Skai™ empowers your omnichannel performance

Skai’s™ platform uniquely connects data and media for informed decisions across paid search, paid social, retail media and apps. 

  • Search: Integrate conversion data from any sources and maximize advertising impact towards first party data, create a combined metric with multiple KPIs and assign weightings, and optimize keywords. 
  • Social: Simplify ad set structure and maximize performance by using broad targeting, and bidding exactly what each audience is worth to you. 
  • Retail media: Empowers you with automated keyword harvesting, full-cross retailer support in a single platform and cross-channel campaign attribution, and unified retail intelligence.  


In this rapidly evolving marketing landscape, marketers need a comprehensive solution to simplify their omnichannel efforts.  

We welcome you to explore how we can help you transform your business and take your marketing efforts to new heights.