Search advertising has long been a crucial channel for marketers aiming to attract consumers. Efficient budget management is key to success, requiring marketers to stay flexible and adapt to market fluctuation and real-time signals to eventually optimize investments.  


Accelerate your marketing operations with Skai’s™ cutting-edge marketing automation 


At Tailwind, committed to transforming local marketers’ operations through cutting-edge technology, we have joined forces with Skai™ and its AI-powered platform to provide you with an advanced tool for campaign optimization, measurement and reporting.    

Staying ahead of the shift happening in search advertising, among all performance media, is essential for success. Google, which is forecasted to hold almost 70% of non-retail search advertising market share by 2025, and the rest of major platforms, are pushing for automation and efficiency, but often lack the control and visibility advertisers crave, offering fewer insights to inform decisions that drive business impact. 

Adopting the right technology empowers you to regain control over your campaign management, streamline workflows, and gain unified intelligence, enabling you to take smarter decisions and maximize the potential of your search advertising programs. Skai’s™ paid search solution offers you unique capabilities to scale your paid search program, manage your budget wisely and eventually optimize for your desired ROI and gain the competitive edge over your competitors. 


Take Control of your Media Spend with Budget Navigator


Part of Skai’s™ paid search solution, Budget Navigator lets you regain control of your search advertising campaigns. It is the tool you need for predictive budget planning, allowing you to forecast effectively variations in campaign performance, optimize your strategies effortlessly, and monitor your campaigns with precision.  

It complements native automated bidding provided by major platforms and leverages machine learning to analyze data, dynamically manage your budget and adjust your spending to reach your true business goals. It provides you with continuous feedback on expected results and monitors pacing, allowing you to predict outcomes, stay ahead of market trends and eventually win over your competitors. 


Efficient Budget Management with Skai’s™ Budget Navigator 


Intelligent Forecasts for Informed Decisions 

Skai’s™ Budget Navigator acts as the “brain” of the integrated portfolios which sit on top of its platform. It uses a “what-if” forecasting engine to uncover investment opportunities and guide budget allocation across campaigns, publishers, location and products. You simply define portfolio groups aligning with your business structure and visualize potential returns for different budget scenarios.  


Dynamic budgeting for optimal performance 

With Budget Navigator you simply define your desired plan by setting your available budget and your KPIs. Optimal budget allocation is made for you by the tool which regenerates daily forecasts and makes bid adjustments for maximum results. 


Continuous feedback to keep you ahead

Being agile is crucial to stay competitive. Skai’s™ Budget Navigator offers continuous feedback on your plan’s progress, ensuring peace of mind. It tracks your plan’s pacing and automatically alerts you if there are opportunities beyond your initial plan’s scope. 


Integrating Skai’s™ Budget Navigator into your campaign strategy gives you vital benefits allowing you to enhance your budget management. Enables you to confidently predict your investments’ outcomes, allocate your budget efficiently, optimize towards your true goals and monitor your campaigns’ performance in continuous feedback cycles, leading you to stay ahead of market dynamics and unprecedent changes. 


Tailwind enhances campaign efficiency and leads you to optimize your operations with Skai’s™ powerful automation  


In today’s marketing world, where adaptability and precision are vital, marketers need a comprehensive solution to simplify their campaign efforts and enable them to stay competitive and deliver value to their organizations. At Tailwind, driven by our deep expertise and local market knowledge, we have partnered with the world’s leading omnichannel marketing platform for performance advertising to provide you with the tools you need to work towards your true north.  

With Skai’s™ unified platform, you can manage your retail media, paid search and paid social campaigns, effectively, all in one place, with best-in-class automation and optimization capabilities at its core.    

We welcome you to explore how we can help you transform your business and take your marketing efforts to new heights.