In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the term “omnichannel marketing” has become a buzzword.  

Why is that?  Because going omnichannel is the only way for marketers to create a seamless customer experience across channels– online and offline.  


The Value of the Omnichannel Marketing Approach 

Today consumers use multiple channels for every stage of their buyer journey, from discovery to purchase. Although navigating this dynamic journey might seem daunting for you, it provides you also with valuable data regarding your consumers’ interactions with your brand and their online behavior.  

Omnichannel marketing allows you to engage with your customers across channels, meet them where they are, provide a consistent brand message, and ensure a unified customer journey.  

But omnichannel is not about being on every platform. It’s about adopting a unified view of your performance and your customers’ interactions across platforms, create a cohesive portrait of their behavior, and provide them a seamless customer experience through consistent messaging and brand narrative, irrespective of the channels they choose to engage you with. Enhancing both your acquisition and retention strategies. 


Marketing Automation is your Key to Effective Omnichannel Marketing 

Omnichannel success is a two-way street. It requires you to actively gather and analyze customer data across channels to understand their expectations but also allows you to build a continuous feedback loop to refine your strategies and precisely measure your campaigns’ effectiveness. And to succeed in this endeavor you need the right technology tools. 

Not more technology but he right marketing automation tool to help you take data-driven decisions through omnichannel insights, improve your workflows, and drive business growth. A view shared by 63% of marketers, planning to increase their marketing automation budget for this year. 

At Tailwind we provide you with globally leading technology you need to expedite your marketing execution and work closely and flexibly with you to help you build efficient operations and let your business thrive in the omnichannel world. To support this mission, we combined our deep expertise and local market knowledge with the world’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising, Skai, to enable you to work towards your true north. 

Skai is your unified marketing automation platform across paid search, paid social and retail media, connecting data intelligence and media activation with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, allowing you to unify your interaction data across channels, enabling you to understand your consumers in real time, and craft marketing campaigns that not only resonate on a personal level with them but also improve engagement and retention. 


Leverage Marketing Automation to Understand your Customers Better 

Harness the power of Skai’s cutting-edge marketing automation to delve deeper into your customers’ journey by gathering all your touchpoints’ data and craft personalized messages that are meaningful to your audience. Skai’s AI-powered platform acts as the central hub of your performance media, enabling you to integrate various data sources to an effortless information flow, providing you a unified view of customer interactions. 


Streamline your Workflows and Increase your Efficiencies with Marketing Automation 

Manual tasks can be a significant bottleneck in achieving omnichannel efficiency. Marketing automation allows you to automate repetitive tasks, enabling you to focus on strategic initiatives and allowing you to allocate your resources on delivering targeted and personalized campaigns resonating with their intended recipients, at the right time. It helps you to not only deliver tailored content but also ensures timely and relevant interactions, fostering stronger connections with your audience. 


Increase the Effectiveness of Your Omnichannel Campaigns with Marketing Automation 

Skai’s platform elevates your omnichannel campaign performance by offering you insightful measurement capabilities, advanced analytics and comprehensive reporting features to track your cross-channel campaigns and gain a clear perspective on what strategies are working, what needs adjustment, and how to effectively steer your campaigns to reach your growth goals. This feedback loop enables you to continually improve your strategies, ensuring you are always optimizing towards customer engagement and your true performance KPIs.  


Tailwind Empowers you to Elevate your Omnichannel Performance with Skai’s Marketing Automation

In a marketing landscape that is ever-evolving, the power to understand your customers and engage with them meaningfully, across multiple channels, has become a necessity. Marketing automation makes every data point, strategy and interaction count, and allows you to foster connections with your customers that drive business growth.  


Skai’s platform, with its robust capabilities, combined with our streamlined service layers, consultation, and integration capabilities provides you with the powerful solution you need to elevate your omnichannel performance across search, social and retail media through efficient workflows, ultimately boosting your ROI. 


Reach out today to revolutionize your omnichannel presence together!