Campaign Details

Client Name:
Danske Spil


Danske Spil is the Danish National Lottery and Betting company in Denmark. Operating in a highly regulated space, with sophisticated marketing needs, Danske Spil was looking to effectively personalize their digital communication for their Casino brand, by being able to granularly segment audiences, target them efficiently at the right time and with the right message for each.

The Solution

Balancing creative relevance and hyper-targeting capabilities with production cost and complexity is a taunting venture for most advertisers. Sizmek’s Dynamic Creative Optimization solution provides powerful capabilities to automatically create and deliver multiple ad versions whilst allowing brands to maintain full control; messaging and creatives are tailored to the user, utilising 1st party and 3rd party data such as geographic location, behavior, stage in the purchase journey, website actions, and Amazon audience.

Strategy & Execution

Casino’s customer types were analyzed and divided into target groups based on demographics, behaviour and stage in the customer journey. To increase creative messaging relevance, 3 custom dynamic templates were produced with a subset of +100 creative message versions, each matching to the specific target group on campaign’s start date.
The campaign is executed as an Always-On campaign, with the intent to replace creative components on a rolling basis and as needed according to the brand context. The campaign is serving across major social media channels, a broad range of the biggest Danish medias, and relevant gaming publishers. The versatility of the build, allowed the client to change every single creative element in the template easily at the switch of a button, without any previous coding experience.

The flexibility of DCO ensured that Danske Spil could target different audiences by creating a variety of copy options to address different demographics.


The Results

Our DCO solution led to significantly improved campaign performance and budget optimisation resulting in 40% lower CPC and 25% lower CPA year-on- year. A simplified, time & cost-effective ad production method combined with the significant improvements that were delivered during the first month, have led Danske Spil to adopt DCO solution for their Always-On campaigns on several of their brands.


“The optimization of creatives has enabled us to more efficiently maximize the campaign budget, which is reflected in
a 40% lower CPC, 25% lower CPA and improved click and conversion rates year on year.”

Danske Spil