Campaign Details

Client Name:
Alpha Bank

Company Bio

The Alpha Bank Group is one of the leading groups of the financial sector in Greece for almost 140 years. It offers a wide range of high-quality financial products and services in the domestic and international market and has one of the highest capital adequacy ratios in Europe. The financial group with the great history has largely invested in sophisticated and innovative technology to ensure that they always create unique online experiences for their audiences and significantly improve digital performance.


As one of the biggest advertisers in Greek market, Alpha Bank had to manage a huge number of publishers in a complex ecosystem while they wanted to take full advantage of their marketing materials and create impact. To make that happen, Alpha Bank chose Sizmek by Amazon as their preferred advertising suite and specific goals & thresholds for viewability and CTR were set.

Sizmek by Amazon served as a single point of truth for Alpha Bank, covering all the advertising spectrum from creative building to ad-serving, reporting and verification. In that way, it helped the brand boost its display campaign performance and bring outstanding results. 

The Solution

Sizmek’s by Amazon powerful, custom creatives such as Video Preroll, Page Skin, Video Banners, Interstitial, and Adhesion were deployed across a number of premium Greek publishers to ensure that Alpha Bank campaign will have significant reach.

At the same time, they made use of the newly launched Performance Monitoring Automation which gave Alpha Bank full control on the delivery and campaign performance. That way, direct alignment with publishers was achieved throughout the duration of the campaign and budget optimization brought amazing results.



Strategy & Execution

Initially, specific goals related to overpassing viewability & CTR thresholds were set and agreed. With these goals in mind, the team used custom formats to create an engaging campaign, that grabbed users’ attention effectively. To achieve that, all premium publishers that were selected to participate, were onboarded and passed the Sizmek by Amazon certification process successfully.

Additionally, with the Performance Monitoring Automation sending to clients and publishers’ delivery and performance metrics twice a day on a daily basis, tracking Delivery Rate, CTR, Viewability Rate, and Video Fully Played impressions and placements that are over or under delivering or they are inactive, Alpha Bank was able to closely inspect the performance of the campaign in almost real time.

By working with Tailwind for Alpha Bank’s display campaigns, we have managed to significantly improve the performance of our main KPIs, Viewability & CTR. The improvement was remarkable both in relation to previous years as well as in relation to the financial sector benchmarks. Sizmek’s technology, Tailwind’s rich media formats along with the excellent cooperation, contributed to the exceptional results!


-Christina Sarella
Assistant Manager 

Alpha Bank 

The Results

Implementing custom formats and the Performance Monitoring Automation, brought to Alpha Bank stellar year-on-year results. During 2020, we helped Alpha Bank increase the average annual viewability rate by 9% and click- through- rate by 15% versus the previous year. The results were even better compared to Greek Benchmarks for 2020, with 14% higher viewability and 88% higher click -through- rate.