In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns is more critical than ever. Tailwind’s partner Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in media quality measurement and optimization, offers unparalleled insights and tools to help advertisers, publishers, and media platforms achieve superior outcomes. With sophisticated software designed to verify that ads are viewed by real audiences in safe and appropriate environments, IAS maximizes return on ad spend (ROAS) and yield for publishers. 


What is the Media Quality Report?

IAS captures and analyzes over 280 billions of digital interactions daily to maintain a pulse on global media trends. To help marketers navigate this dynamic environment, they publish the annual Media Quality Report (MQR). This invaluable asset leverages extensive data to provide benchmarks, helping advertisers assess and improve the quality of their campaigns across all major social platforms and the open web. 


The 19th Edition of the Media Quality Report

The latest edition of the MQR provides comprehensive global benchmarks, along with regional-specific data for display and video ad formats across desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and connected TV (CTV) environments. Recognized as the gold standard for understanding digital media performance, the MQR delivers the industry’s most actionable data set.


Key Global Highlights:


Ad Fraud: Ad fraud rates significantly decreased in H2 2023, after a period of high fraud. However, non-optimized ad fraud rates remained high, underscoring the effectiveness of anti-fraud solutions. It is worth noting that marketers running campaigns without fraud protection are according to the report x14 more likely to waste advertising budgets to invalid traffic. Bots traffic specifically, which seems to pick up when we sleep, represented a staggering 8,4% of non-optimized campaign impressions. 



Non-optimized ad fraud



Time-in-View: Time-in-view continued its downward trend, reaching a new low in H2 2023 (-2% vs. 2022) with EMEA faring the lowest numbers. Emerging solutions like attention measurement and optimization are becoming crucial to re-capturing viewer attention.


Time-in-view rates



Viewability: Viewability has increased steadily (+2% vs. 2022), continuing a streak of record-high values, highlighting the importance of maintaining high visibility standards. While high viewability has been a long-time goal for advertisers we need to consider, as the report mentions, contextual factors to ensure quality impressions. Think of ad cluttered Made for Advertising Sites as such an example.



Viewability rates


Brand Risk: Brand risk remained stable in 2023 globally (-0,1% vs. 2022). However, looming threats, like AI-generated deep fakes, pose unique challenges around content authenticity and misinformation, especially during years like 2024 with high density in major political and sports events. 



Brand risk rates



IAS enables Advertisers to significantly reduce Media Wastage and minimize Brand Risk

At Tailwind, the exclusive partner of IAS for 15 markets in MENA and Southeastern Europe, we are uniquely positioned to help them fully leverage those industry-leading insights and optimization solutions at the local level so that they take data-backed actions that maximize ROAS, ensuring campaigns remain brand safe, fraud-free, and resonate with consumers. 

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