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Search advertising has become an integral part of digital marketing strategies, with marketers worldwide investing significantly in this channel to drive targeted traffic and achieve their marketing goals. As global ad spend in search advertising is projected to reach $279.30bn in 2023 makes it uniquely valuable in the media mix and one of the most important channels for marketers to drive growth. 

Its significance is abundantly clear. Brands deliver their messaging across channels and consumers, influenced by it at any stage of the funnel, turn to search engines as one of the primary methods to discover products that are relevant to them and research purchase decisions. Keyword targeting for consumers has long been a profitable strategy for brands, but since major platforms have made automated publisher bidding available to all marketers, the margins for competitive edge have been constrained. 

This new era of SEM requires advanced intelligence, that goes beyond standard search metrics and bid strategies, to build operational efficiency and increased ROAS.  

Adopting a marketing tool like Skai™, can ensure total search intelligence and enable you to work towards your true north. Those that will win the search game will be marketers that can best leverage internal and external data to fuel insights-driven decision making. 


Data intelligence for smarter decisions 

Effective data intelligence comes when combining internal and external data of your organization together, forming your strategic assets. Implementing a powerful marketing automation tool to monitor your campaigns can help you to discover anomalies upfront and gain real-time insights. 

  • Skai Budget Navigator automates pacing and sets optimal allocation and helps you to manage your investments wisely 
  • Skai Smart Tags automatically monitor your search accounts, identify issues with duplicate and blocked keywords, underperforming ads and discover audience shifts during automated bidding 
  • Skai Custom Auditing monitors your accounts settings and ensures everything runs smoothly and in line with SEM best practices. It leverages the Smart Tags signals to flag campaigns that need to be fixed and is completely automated, saving you time and eliminating the risk of human error 


Performance intelligence for better results 

Although bidding in major platforms is automated, it can track only the conversion data in the platform while only you know the true data generated revenue for your organization.  

With Skai Search Signal Enhancement, you can integrate your first party data with the platform’s algorithm and maximize advertising impact towards your true goals.  


Measurement intelligence for optimization & improvement 

Every digital marketer knows that the real path to great ROI is through optimization.  

But what drives optimization? Measurement. 

With Skai Impact Navigator marketers can truly understand the incremental impact of your activity across channels and devices. An advanced marketing automation tool enables marketers to discover insights through data and enables them to achieve real-time campaign success. 

In this rapidly evolving marketing landscape, marketers need a comprehensive solution to simplify their campaign efforts and enable them to stay competitive and deliver value to their organizations.  At TailWind we combined our deep expertise and local market knowledge with the world’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising, Skai™, to enable you to work towards your true north.  


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