As the calendar flips towards the holiday season, shoppers are becoming increasingly inclined to make purchases, while advertisers are highly active, transforming the digital advertising landscape into a sea of marketing campaigns. 


However, this period presents a two-sided coin for marketers. On the one hand, it is a golden opportunity to boost sales and connect with consumers at a time when spending is at its peak. On the other hand, it comes with a unique set of challenges, increased competition, rising costs, ad clutter, that can test even the most experienced and seasoned marketing professionals. Consumers are getting exposed to hundreds of ads daily but can recall too little of them, resulting to increased ad fatigue that makes a hard challenge for marketers to meet their communication or sales KPIs.  


To navigate this intense seasonal landscape, marketers need efficiency. They need to exploit their resources to their full potential, invest in long term strategy and use creativity wisely. Studies have shown that when creativity is used wisely it can be up to eight times more effective and can drive up to five times more market share growth. 


Tailwind Enables you to Efficiently Win in the Seasonal Landscape 

At Tailwind, we have developed long-lasting partnerships with leading brands and agencies looking for this level of efficiency and scalability that will enable them to stand out and win users’ attention. Our expertise in rich media and the development of custom creative formats ensures that you get a solution tailored to your needs and designed to meet your business objectives with precision. 


With the power of Amazon ad server and its offering of creative authoring tools, we help you create efficient and engaging ad formats that enable you to stand out while maintaining the highest standards for your brand. From consultation on which format better suits your need, to briefing up to execution and final reporting, we ensure that you seize the opportunity of seasonality and create campaigns that deliver on results. 


Achieve Maximum Impact with Custom Creative Formats  

Tailwind’s Custom Creative formats are rich media ads, entirely developed by our developers’ team, designed to enable you to overcome standard ad formats and create effective display campaigns that drive phenomenal performance and engagement. 


Rich media ads are the type of digital advertising which is more dynamic and interactive than standard display banners. They incorporate a combination of text, images, animation and interactive elements, deliver a better user experience and serve any communication objective, from awareness to conversions, as well as new product launches. 


Including custom creatives to your strategy empowers you to increase campaign performance against your KPIs, increase important brand metrics and generate awareness for your brand, eventually leading you to win over competition with your unique brand voice.  


Set your brand apart from competition and captivate your audience like never before with:  

Interactive Creative formats 

Interactive ad formats are your key to breaking through the noise and engaging with your most valuable audiences, with advanced features driven by real-time data. They are designed to captivate and immerse your audience, making them ideal for showcasing your products and driving engagement.  

In-game Creative formats  

In-game ad formats take the excitement of popular games and seamlessly integrate them into your display advertising. They offer highly interactive and enjoyable experiences, making them perfect for engagement campaigns.  


When and Why should you Consider Custom Creative Formats? 

Custom creative ads are interactive, more engaging, drive higher brand recall, and deliver outstanding results aligned with your awareness KPIs, including viewability and CTR. In fact, according to Tailwind data, they demonstrate a remarkable 48% increase in CTR compared to standard display banners. 


Custom creative formats suit any of your needs: 

  • They are ideal for cluttered periods, when advertising activity is intense, and marketers fight for impressions and consumers’ attention. They empower you to tell your brand story in an engaging way and implement different creative strategies to effectively communicate your messaging with your target audience 
  • They can also be deployed at major product launches, when you need to get noticed and enhance brand awareness. Custom creatives provide an interactive user experience and can be utilized for programmatic display campaigns, allowing you to tailor your strategy based on precise targeting capabilities and valuable insights. 
  • And they are ideal for brands and agencies running always on direct deals with their partners, as they can make use of the available ad space provided at the cost of a standard banner, but with the benefits of rich media ads. 


Tailwind Leads the Way to Your Digital Advertising Success  

At Tailwind, we are committed to empowering brands and agencies to achieve their business objectives while improving the efficiency of their operations. We offer you the means to win the seasonal landscape and make your ads stand out from the clutter, by building meaningful connections with your audience with custom creative solutions, across devices, from mobile to desktop, guaranteeing adaptability and visibility. 


Get started now! 


The path to a powerful and effective display campaign begins with a single step: reaching out to us today with your campaign and objectives. From there, our dedicated team will swiftly craft a winning strategy, complete with recommended formats tailored to your goals.  

Once you’ve given the green light, all we’ll need are your assets, and our expert team will take the reins, handling everything from development to trafficking and comprehensive reporting. It’s a seamless journey from inception to success, and we can’t wait to embark on it with you.  

Don’t wait; brief us today, and let’s make your campaign shine!