What lies beneath a “simple” ad banner

Jan 29

What lies beneath a “simple” ad banner

Today’s digital advertising is rapidly becoming a very complex & diverse ecosystem. Underneath the good old ad banner an entire universe of servers handles a multitude of interactions & decisions, eventually selecting which campaign gets the right to serve its creative.

The key to evaluating & finalizing all those decisions is Data, Data and more Data, trying to build the profile of the prospective ad viewer – hence the “Big Data” frenzy that permeates the Advertising & Marketing domain lately…

This process is the “birthplace” for a lot of the latest digital advertising terms, such as RTB (Real Time Bidding, a.k.a Programmatic Selling & Buying), DSP (Demand Side Platform), DMP (Data Management Platform), SSP (Supply Side Platform) and more…

This hidden world is beautifully captured in a visualization entitled “Behind the Banner”. You can view it (HINT: give it some time to load) at the following URL: http://cmsummit.com/behindthebanner/