The Sizmek 2015 Benchmark Data Book

May 20

The Sizmek 2015 Benchmark Data Book

Over the last 6 years, Sizmek’s benchmarks have been featured in leading publications and research organizations worldwide, and have become the go-to-source for industry professionals to understand, compare and identify the best performing ad formats.

Sizmek has been utilizing its global footprint to gather and analyze the best performing ad formats and once again we are excited to share to marketers, media & creative professionals this year’s key findings!

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2015 Key Findings in a glimpse.

For 2015, Rich Media ads outperformed standard ones in terms of Click Through Rate (CTR).
In Greece, Romania and Hungary, Rich Media Ads outperform standards from 1,4 (RO) to 2,78 (GR) times, restating the fact that Rich Media ads are able to drive higher value for advertisers than standard.

TW - graph 1

Since Sizmek is able to report on more than 114 metrics, we decided to investigate a bit more on the performance of Rich Media ads, by utilizing metrics that can reflect user engagement in a better way than CTR.
To do so, we focused on three key metrics:
• Interaction rate:
The total number of interactions with an ad.

• Dwell rate:
The number of impressions that a user actively engaged with

• Average Dwell Time (sec):
The average time, in seconds, a user spent engaging with an ad.

TW - graph 2

According to findings, Rich Media ads in Romania had the best performance with an interaction rate of 13,08% and a Dwell rate of 13.54%. Hungary and Greece followed with 2,58% / 3.52% and 1.61% / 7.06% for interaction and Dwell rate respectively.

Hungary outperformed both Romania and Greece with 43.8 seconds versus 40.9 and 40 seconds for Romania and Greece respectively on the average time a user spent engaging with a Rich Media ad.

Rich Media Winning Over Standards Ads.

This year’s research findings are consistent with the trends we have been experiencing the past years. The CTR for Standard ads has stabilized around 0.01% and Rich media ads outperform standard ads in terms of performance. However, their evaluation based on CTR provides only part of the information that advertisers, media and creative professionals should have.

With today’s capabilities of creating rich and engaging ads that can run across screens, metrics such as Interaction Rate, Dwell Rate and Average Dwell time can provide with much more significant and essential insights for the evaluation of the given campaign performance.

Get your free copy of the Sizmek 2015 Benchmark Data Book here!

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