TDG fuels Programmatic Trading in 30+ countries

Nov 17

TDG fuels Programmatic Trading in 30+ countries

Launches TailWind to spearhead growth in Europe & MEA

TDG, a leading Digital Marketing Group in CEE & SE Europe, announces the launch of TailWind EMEA, its specialized Programmatic Trading company. With AppNexus as its preferred partner in the region, TailWind, brings Programmatic Trading to publishers and advertisers across Central and South Eastern Europe, as well as the Middle East and Africa.

TailWind EMEA will leverage TDG’s pioneering position in emerging markets and its integration with the ecosystem of AppNexus, the world’s most advanced Ad Serving and Ad Exchange platform, to fully deliver on the promise of Programmatic Trading.

As Odysseas Ntotsikas, Founder & Managing Director of TDG, says: “At TailWind EMEA we provide publishers and advertisers with the technology and expertise that is required to create new revenue sources, while building efficiency and fully preserving the total control and transparency they wish for.”

About TDG:

TDG, is a leading Digital Marketing Group in CEE, SE Europe & MEA. TDG’s four companies, ThinkDigital, ForestView, ShoppingNetwork and TailWind are working with international and local partners such as Facebook, MSN, Skype, Appnexus, Channel Advisor and MediaMind to effectively serve advertisers, publishers and consumers across the region. TDG employs more than 100 digital marketing professionals across its several offices in the region.

 About TailWind:

TailWind, a TDG company, energizes publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies to cut through the complexity of digital business and drive their business fast forward. TailWind is Appnexus’ partner for over 30 countries in CEE & MEA, and MediaMind’s partner for CEE.