TDG expands its partnership with Sizmek

Apr 3

TDG expands its partnership with Sizmek

TDG, the leading Digital Marketing Group in CEE, SE Europe & MEA, has expanded its strategic partnership with Sizmek, now covering a total of 14 european countries -Greece, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia, FYROM and Moldavia.

Henceforth, Sizmek will be represented by TailWind, the specialized Ad-Tech Solutions Company of the Group, which was launched in order to help publishers, advertisers and agencies to cut through the complexity of the digital ecosystem and drive their business fast forward.

This decision coincides with the rebranding of DG MediaMind to Sizmek, in a move that will see the firm focus on its renowned online ad management platform.

Operating in 48 countries, Sizmek currently connects over 20,000 global advertisers and 5000 agencies to their audiences, serving more than 1.5 trillion impressions a year.

According to Sizmek’s upcoming global Benchmarks Report, which will be available later this month, Interactive Video enjoys across Europe an 8x higher CTR compared to Standard Banners, whereas Expandable Banners and Rich Media are respectively 7 and 4 times as effective.