Tailwind introduces Sizmek’s ad verification solutions

Sizmek’s Ad Verification Solutions enable advertisers and agencies to answer the question whether their ads are seen by real people and served in quality context.

They deliver metrics for both display and video ads, and are accredited by the Media Ratings Council (MRC). These solutions provide measurement, for three key campaign qualifications: viewability, ad-fraud and context-quality.

Through a user friendly visual Dashboard, advertisers and agencies can identify:

  • If their ads were viewable based on either IAB’s or their own custom standards
  • If they were affected by fraudulent activity
  • The clutter and type of the page
  • The size & position of the video player

The insights obtained through Sizmek’s Ad Verification Solutions offer advertisers and agencies the ability to improve their media buying process, reduce wastage and improve their campaigns’ performance.

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