TailWind educates the market on Programmatic Trading

Apr 22

TailWind educates the market on Programmatic Trading

TailWind, the specialized company of TDG in Programmatic Trading and Ad-Tech Solutions, is spearheading the education of publishers, advertisers and agencies from across the region on the hot topic of Programmatic Trading.

Over the last month, TailWind participated at IAB Hellas’ initiative on Programmatic and then at the conference organized by BRAT, the Romanian Bureau of Transmedia Audit. In both events, Elias Gagas, the Managing Director of TailWind, explained to publishers and advertisers why they should actively join the Programmatic ®evolution.

On April 14, at the seminar organized by the Hellenic Association of Communications Agencies, Odysseas Ntotsikas, the Founder of TDG, analyzed “what’s in it for us”, whereas he shared his thoughts on a panel along with other experts from the greek market.

One day later, the Managing Director of TailWind, was invited back to Romania, this time as a guest of IAB Romania and “Digital Publishing & Advertising Day 2014”, to present the real benefits that publishers will enjoy if they embrace Programmatic Buying.

TailWind will keep educating the market with keynotes and workshops. This June, its executives will take the stage at ICEEfest, the biggest Digital Marketing Festival in CE & SE Europe, as well as ArabNet’s very popular Digital Summit in Dubai.