Sizmek Gets MRC Accreditation for Video Viewability

Jun 23

Sizmek Gets MRC Accreditation for Video Viewability

Sizmek lands another Media Rating Council accreditation –after desktop, mobile web & in app– for its Video Viewability Metric.

The newest accreditation confirms that video ads served through Sizmek’s platform follow the strict requirements set by the MRC for measuring video viewability across both Flash and HTML5 in-stream formats on desktop

« A diverse video advertising strategy that includes both in-stream and rich media creative can yield increased brand awareness through content that elicits a combination of lean-back and lean-in viewing. We believe that advertisers are willing to pay a premium for the great return on ad spend these ads afford, but with the higher premiums, there is a greater need to prioritize viewability and ensure ads are in view and being seen by real consumers, not bots », said Neil Nguyen, CEO of Sizmek mentioned.

Panagiotis Giannakouras, Tailwind’s Senior International Product Manager said: « With video ad spend on the rise, it is vital for advertisers to be able to accurately measure viewability on their video ads as well. MRC’s accreditation of Sizmek’s video viewability measurement is the best proof for advertisers of our adherence to the highest standard of accuracy. »

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