Tailwind introduces Sizmek’s Ad Verification Solutions

Mar 24

Tailwind introduces Sizmek’s Ad Verification Solutions

Tailwind, the ad-tech company of Thinkdigital Group, in partnership with the leading Ad-Management company Sizmek, introduces Ad Verification Solutions in CEE.

The solutions complete in the best possible way the existing Sizmek campaign management and optimization capabilities and, address three core issues marketers face when it comes to digital advertising. First of all, the maximization of ad-viewability. Secondly, the stamping-out of ad-fraud, which consequently enables the steering of budgets towards impressions that are actually seen by real users, as opposed to “bots”. Finally, the safeguarding of ad-delivery on qualitative environments, which enables the avoidance of inappropriate content, cluttered pages or multiple displays of the same ad on the same page, and reduces media wastage.

Sizmek ‘s Verification Suite delivers metrics for both display and video ad. Moreover, these solutions have been accredited by the Media Ratings Council (MRC), the US organization which ensures the quality and reliability of audience measurement across all media by defining and setting strict industry standards.

“Transparency and the effectiveness of digital adspend is a chronic request of advertisers, let alone the current issues of viewability, ad-fraud and brand safety. We are excited to offer solutions to advertisers & agencies, which improve the quality of media buying and maximize RoI for brands”, said Thomai Gklarou-Stavropoulou, TailWind’s International Product Director.

TailWind, a TDG company, energizes publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies to cut through the complexity of digital business and drive their business fast forward through automated, data driven, ad-technology solutions. TailWind owns and operates Project Agora, a network of programmatic publisher marketplaces across CEE, SE Europe and MENA. TailWind is also AppNexus’ partner for over 30 countries in CEE & MEA, and Sizmek’s partner for CEE.