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Project Agora is a network of local, trusted, premium ad marketplaces operated by TailWind across CEE, SE Europe and MENA. It aims to unite local publishers to jointly reclaim the market share and strategic independence they have lost to global competitors.

Project Agora complements the efforts of a publisher’s direct sales force by providing incremental revenue sources for non-guaranteed / remnant inventory. It does so in a way that adds value to advertisers while protecting the interests of local publishers.

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Focused on empowering premium publishers in CEE & MEA, TailWind's Appnexus powered publisher programmatic services are delivering revenue increase & cost efficiencies while providing full control and transparency for the publishers. TailWind provides publishers with the technology and consulting services to excel in the following areas:

Programmatic Direct Deals

Private Marketplaces

Inventory Monetization

Yield Optimization

Audience Data Segmentation


Eye-Catching, Engaging Creative Formats

Leveraging our regional partnership with Sizmek, the world’s leader in Multi-Screen Advertising, we offer publishers a suite of engaging ad-formats and optimization solutions to maximize the value of their inventory. Innovative Rich Media, Rising Star Video or Mobile Ad Formats, Creative optimization and Dynamic Creative delivery programs? You Name it! Our creative production and campaign management services eliminate the friction and time it takes to get your campaigns live.