First year of Project Agora

Dec 21

First year of Project Agora

Tailwind, part of ThinkDigital Group of Companies (TDG), is celebrating the first year since the launch of Project Agora, the leading audience driven programmatic marketplace for premium local publishers and advertisers in CEEMEA, and a catalyst for programmatic growth in Emerging Markets.

Project Agora’s popular website partners have grown during this year to more than 300 in Greece, Hungary, MENA and Romania and a consolidated reach that exceeds 50m Unique Browsers providing a wide coverage of the internet population in the operating countries.

During the first year, almost 1200 major brands benefited from the sharp targeting of 18 sharply targeted Audience Segments on Project Agora and the high rate of viewability that has exceeded on average 70%. Major brands in Project Agora include Aegean, Audi, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Emirates, ING, L’Oreal, Lufthansa, Mastercard, Microsoft, Mondelez, Nike, Samsung, Seat, Vodafone and Unilever.

Odysseas Ntotsikas, TDG’s Managing Director and Founder, commented:

In its first year of operation, Project Agora became a true liberating force for advertising in the region, fighting against international oligopolies, interrupting and irrelevant ads that annoy consumers, and the overhead of manual work that leaves no space for creativity in our industry. Our fight for Laissez Faire Advertising goes on.

The end of 2015 was marked by the launch of the first in a series of innovative and proprietary ad-formats, MAGIC In-Article video, an outstream video unit embedded into the heart of the editorial content and where the focus of consumer attention is, creating an engaging yet non-intrusive experience.