Hi! We are the TailWind team. Nice to meet you.

Dec 11

Hi! We are the TailWind team. Nice to meet you.

We are young, we are passionate and we are really proud of our ultra-talented team of expert engineers, marketers & salespeople. So, in case we haven’t met already, please allow us to introduce the senior members of our greek team.

“The Captain”

Name: Elias Gagas

Job title: Managing Director

Line of duty: A native “out of the box” thinker, Elias greatly appreciates intellectual challenges and thrives when navigating uncharted waters. As the captain of the team, he is the guy who steers the ship and makes sure his crew has got what it takes to lead agencies, publishers and brands through the gusty waters of the challenging digital ecosystem.

The Quote: “As Ricky Blaine of Casablanca famously said: “’Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship’”.

“The Sales Lady”


Name: Eliana Poumbrou

Job title: Sales Director CE/SE Europe

Line of duty: Eliana leads the go-to-market strategy, pitching and account management of agencies and advertisers across the region, whereas she manages the overall Sales Team in the countries of focus.  Working closely with clients and Tailwind’s BD and AdOps teams, her aim is to build effective strategies and sales plans that bring the optimal results across the board.

The quote: “Let’s explore and discover. And as Andre Gide rightly said, ‘Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.’”

“The Shiny Happy Builder”

Name: Thomai Gklarou-Stavropoulou

Job title: International Business Development Manager

Line of duty: Thomai’s ad tech journey, commenced when TailWind was a newborn.

Ever since, it has been a sky scream roller coaster ride, which involves the development of business operations & the management of products’ life cycle.

On a regular day she is dealing with a lot of acronyms and the creation of project plans, while working in tandem with Tailwind’s Technology Partners.

The Quote: “As Sparky Anderson said: ‘Good seasons start with good beginnings, aka newsletters’. Happy Holidays!

“Miss Programmatic”


Name: Nefeli Fotiou

Job title: Sales & Account Manager, Project Agora

Line of duty: Meet Nefeli, the face of Project Agora in the Greek market. Got any questions on all the latest buzzwords regarding programmatic/RTB buying? Nefeli can help you figure things out, guide you through all this complexity and enable you to use Programmatic buying to engage and move audiences when it matters most, in a brand safe, premium environment where viewability counts.

The Quote: “When was the last time you tried something new for the first time?

“The Programmatic Master”


Name: Thomas Charisis

Job title: Solution Engineering Manager

Line of duty: Thomas decided early on to move into the new digital era and, not long after that, he became TailWind’s Programmatic Master! His daily routine includes conquering supply & demand side technologies and developing highly analytical and quantitatively data driven techniques to continually exceed our clients performance expectations.

Thomas also works with the Product team to enhance the utility of existing trading-related technologies and transform them to industry-leading capabilities.

The quote: “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.

“The Sizmek Guy”

Name: Tassos Kafkalias

Job title: Solutions Engineering Manager

Line of duty: Tassos focuses on offering and improving third party ad server technologies (Sizmek) and solutions for agencies and clients. In addition, he is responsible for managing a large regional team of Solution Engineers, designated to efficiently support markets across CE Europe.

The Quote:  “The beginning is the most important part of the work.


So, you met 6 of our people. Good! However, there are many more behind-the-scenes heroes, who deserve a big thumbs up. Alexandros Fragkos from our office in Athens and, of course, our Engineering team in Patras with George Avgerinos, Panagiotis Marinis, Eleni Skoura, Giannis Spyropoulos & Nikos Stergiopoulos.

We promise. You’ll meet them too. Soon. :)