Download Sizmek’s benchmarks for H1 2016!

Oct 10

Download Sizmek’s benchmarks for H1 2016!

Recently, our partner Sizmek announced its H1 2016 benchmark results, a study that, for the past 7 years, has become the most wanted source for marketing professionals when it comes to understanding what works in terms of ad formats performance

For the first half of 2016, Sizmek gathered and analyzed the best performing ad formats over hundreds of billions of impressions and 1.3 million ads across 40 countries, in order to provide marketers and agencies with a reference point for their campaigns’ performance.

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Key Findings:

Rich Media ad formats continued to outperform standard ones in terms of Click Through Rate (CTR). What’s new, is that Rich Media ads doubled their 2015 performance, compared with the standard banners.

In Greece, Rich Media Ads outperformed 5 times the standard banners numbers (2,78 times in 2015), while in Romania it capped by 6.4 times standard banners’ CTR (1.4 times in 2015).


As you already know from the 2015 data, Sizmek is able to report on more than 114 metrics, which allows marketers & agencies to investigate in depth the performance of Rich Media ads, by utilizing metrics that can reflect user engagement in a better way than CTR.
This being told, in terms of interaction rate (the total number of interactions with an ad) and dwell rate (the number of impressions that a user actively engaged with), which provide more insights in terms of user engagement, both Romania and Greece outranked the European average by 3 and 2 times, respectively.

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Download now a free copy of the Sizmek H1 2016 Benchmark Data Book!