Ad blocking in Greece at 17.3%, according to TailWind’s study

Nov 20

Ad blocking in Greece at 17.3%, according to TailWind’s study

TailWind, the ad-tech company of TDG, announced the findings of the 2nd edition of its study about the usage of ad blocking in Greece.

The announcement took place during the “Digital Transparency & Effectiveness – The new rules” event, held by the Hellenic Advertisers’ Association. The study, which has been put under the auspices of the Hellenic Advertisers’ Association, the Hellenic Association of Communications Agencies and IAB Greece and in which top Greek publishers participated, was conducted with the support of Focus Bari and Oriel from 11th till 31st of October, 2017, across 72 Greek websites.


  1. Ad blocking usage in Greece is at 17,3% (-2,3% compared to 2016)
  2. On a per device basis, desktop/laptop has an ad blocking rate of 34,6%, whereas mobile and tablet, have an ad blocking rate of 2% and 2,2% respectively
  3. The percentage of women who use an ad blocker has increased by 6%, compared to 2016 (45,2% vs 39.2%)
  4. The key reason that prompts consumers to install an ad blocker is to avoid annoying ads (65,2%)


“While the findings of the 2nd edition of our study on ad blocking in Greece are encouraging, due to the decrease in ad blocking usage, we should not cease to be alert. There are still many things we need to improve as an industry. Hopefully, this initiative will enable all stakeholders to continue working together and deal with the challenges”, said Panagiotis Giannakouras, TailWind’s Senior International Product manager.  

The full whitepaper will be released in early December. Those interested in receiving a copy of the whitepaper prior of its official release, can subscribe here.

For summary of 2016 findings, please read our blog post.